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  • At Valiant Design Co. Healthy Home, we believe that home decor should not only be beautiful and affordable, but it absolutely should be safe for you and your family. That means no nasty chemicals that can cause serious harm to you, your family and the environment.

    While there are many product lines out there that are organic, Valiant Design Co.’s lead designer, Sarah Valiant, was very hard pressed to find organic options that didn’t look like a burlap sack or would only appeal to a boho style. What about the every day person who wanted an elegant, traditional or contemporary look? With more and more of her clients requesting organic, eco-friendly and non-toxic options for their home, she knew the only way to give her clients what they wanted was to make it herself! And so came the beginnings of the Healthy Home product line.

    Every element of our products are researched endlessly to ensure it is the safest option out there at the most affordable price (and with the right look!). With the majority of other designer cushions ranging in price from $75-$250, we strive to delight you with our extremely well priced($65-$85), non-toxic, and beautiful designs.

    The Facts

    The long and short of it is that the majority of us have no idea that the everyday products we use in our home (sofas, beds, kitchen ware, – and yes cushions!) are made with chemically treated fabrics, foams and very toxic glues. These chemicals are absorbed into our skin, and off-gas into the air in our homes.

    Here are just a few of the problems these chemicals can cause:

    • Hormonal Problems

    • Reproductive Disorders

    • Developmental Disorders

    • Cancer

    • Respiratory Issues

    It is so important to start moving away from products that contain toxic chemicals. It not only affects the environment negatively, but also hurts the health of us and our families.



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